Deborah Corkindale

Last updated 08/15/2008



When nothing else seems to work ...

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique.  It is a process that was learned, refined, and then taught by Gary Craig.  It has provided dramatic results to thousands of people on a myriad of problems.  You may have heard about it or seen it demo'd on television.

It is based on the science of energy meridians, a part of Eastern acupuncture and medicine.  EFT provides amazing cures for phobias, emotional problems, physical problems.  It also greatly shortens the time needed in therapy.

After personal experiences with it, I trained in it.  I am now offering it as an option in my sessions.  I have used it successfully on panic attacks, phobias, pain management, emotional problems.  It is fast and it usually works.  If you are interested in trying this alternative to talk therapy and / or medications, please call for more information or for an appointment.